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TNEA Counselling Code : 1510

Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty Details
Photo Name Designation
Prof.A.S.Kumerasan M.E.,(Ph.D) Associate Professor & HOD
Ms.V.Mala M.E., (Ph.D) Associate Professor
Ms.A.Vanathi M.E. Associate Professor
Ms.E.Govindhi M.E Associate professor.
Ms.G.Praveena M.E. Associate professor.
Mr.C.Santhosh Kumar M.E. Assistant Professor.
Ms.N.Kalpana M.E. Associate Professor.
Mr.S.Gnanamurthy M.Tech Assistant Professor
Mr.Rajesh Kumar M.Tech Assistant Professor
Ms.S.Swetha M.E. Assistant Professor
Mr.U.Saravanan M.Tech Assistant professor.
Mrs.G.Lakshmi M.E. Assistant Professor
Mrs.S.Niranjanadevi M.E. Assistant Professor.
Mrs.K.Vinodhini M.E. Assistant Professor
Mr.S.Punithavel M.E. Assistant Professor.
Mr.M.Vigneshwaran M.E. Assistant Professor
Mr.K.Srinivasan M.E. Assistant Professor
Mr.K.Logeshkumar M.Tech. Assistant Professor
Ms.M.Lavanya M.E. Assistant Professor
Department of Compputer Science and Engineering