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Incubation center & Start-up Cell

About The Incubation center & Start-up Cell

Incubation center help entrepreneurs to solve some of the problems commonly associated with running a start-up by providing them few basic needs


    1. To create job opportunities, wealth and business aligning with national priorities.
    2. To promote new technology and innovation based startups.
    3. To provide a platform for speedy commercialization of technologies developed by the institution.
    4. To make an energetic startup ecosystem, by establishing a network between academia, financial institutions, industries and other institutions.
    5. To provide cost effective, value added services to startups like mentoring, legal, technical, intellectual property related services.

    Activities and Supports

    • Workspace
    • Marketing assistance
    • High-speed internet access
    • Accounting / Financial management access
    • Connections to higher education resources
    • Comprehensive business training programs
    • Help with business etiquette
    • Help with business basics
    • Networking activities
    • Market Research
    • Access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs
    • Help with presentation skills
    • Links to strategic partners
    • Access to angel investors or venture capital
    • Technology commercialization assistance
    • Help with regulatory compliance

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