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RHA (Red Hat Academy)

About RHA (Red Hat Academy)

The 4 certification exams available after undergoing the courses are:

1. EX200 (Red Hat Certified Sys Admin)

2. EX300 (Red Hat Certified Engineer)

3. EX183 (Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer) and

4. EX283 (Red Hat Certified Enterprise Microservices Developer)

OBJECTIVE OF RHA (Red Hat Academy)

1. The institution is called as RHA (Red Hat Academy)

2. RHA Agreement: College will directly sign the agreement with Red Hat. As RHA agreement is a global agreement will be of great help for the college for NBA accreditation

3. Red Hat LOGO: RHA College is entitled to use globally acclaimed Red Hat Logo for any promotional purpose

4. Course Ware: Red Hat will provide Red Hat Official Curriculum in form of “E-Content” to all the students of your college free of cost. Currently Red Hat will provide contents for the course Red Hat Certified Administrator, Red Hat Certified Engineer & J BOSS Administrator. Students will be benefited from this world class Red Hat course contents.

5. Red Hat Global Exam Voucher: It is mandatory to have exam voucher to write any Red Hat Global certification provided in the Red Hat Official Curriculum. As RHA college students Red Hat will provide E-vouchers to your students on completion of Red Hat Linux training

6. Participation Certificates: Participation Certificates: Participants on completion of RHCSA & RHCE modules would receive a course completion certificate from Red Hat

7. Special Exam Fee structure: Red Hat will extend a special exam fee structure to all the RHA college students. All the students will get 50% discount the standard examination fees prevailed in the market. For example current RHCSA or RHCE examination fee structure currently INR 15000 plus GST 18%. Whereas the same RHCSA or RHCE certification will be available for RHA students at INR 7500 plus GST 18%.

8. Red Hat Exam @ your College Campus: Red Hat will conduct Red Hat Certification exam at the college premises with a minimum commitment of 30 participants in an examination date.

9. Seminars and Additional Programs: Red Hat will conduct workshop from time to time on topics related to Open Source Technologies for the students and faculties of the institution


Date & Venue
Chief Guest
Student Coordinator
28.09.2018, College Auditorium
Mr.C. Santhosh kumar
Mr. H. Saad Furqhan
28.09.2018, College Auditorium
Dr.S.Vijaya Rangam
Mr. Mohammed Afzal
Mr. M.Vijaya Kumar
Mr. Ajay Prashad
Mr. J.Ajith
RHA (Red Hat Academy)