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TNEA Counselling Code : 1510

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Vision of the Department

To develop high quality, Technically Competent and Socially Responsible Engineers in the field of Communication from Rural Background

Mission of the Department

1. To Imbibe Technical Skills among Graduates Relevant to the area of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
2. Making our students technologically superior and ethically strong
3. To install skills among students to meet the industrial requirement.

Core Value

Professionalism, Commitment, Integrity, Team Work, Innovation


I)Long Term Goals:
i. To impart quality technical and professional education to the global society.
ii. To impart quality management and professional education to the global society.
iii. To take up research and consultancy assignments in collaboration with industry, government agencies and others for sustainable development of society.
iv. To establish a state of art innovation center for showcasing student’s creativity.
v. To establish tie-ups with foreign universities for staff and student exchange programs and twinning programs.
vi. To become the institute of excellence of national importance.

I)Short Term Goals:
i. To prepare students to excel in engineering careers within a global marketplace.
ii. To Increase the scope, scale, and impact of research programs.
iii. To Improve the Schools visibility within academic, professional, and society at large.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering