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TNEA Counselling Code : 1510

Department of Management Studies POs, PEOs


    1. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of concepts, techniques, technologies, skills and ethics of business disciplines

    2. Develop & demonstrate team based skills for solving business problems

    3. Evaluate business issues and practices from a local and global perspective

    4. Demonstrate the skills necessary to conduct independent research


    1.Ability to apply the business acumen gained in practice

    2.Ability to understand and solve managerial issues

    3.Ability to communicate and negotiate effectively, to achieve organizational and individual goals.

    4.Ability to upgrade their professional and managerial skills in their workplace

    5.Ability to explore and reflect about managerial challenges, develop informed managerial decisions in a dynamically unstable environment

    6.Ability to take up challenging assignments

    7.Ability to understand one’s own ability to set achievable targets and complete them

    8.Ability to pursue lifelong learning

    9.To have a fulfilling business career